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In honor of International Mountain Day, I thought it was a great time to share this late-summer mountain shoot. Spray Lakes in Kananaskis, Alberta, holds a special place in my heart. Anyone who has spent time in this area knows this land has a sacredness to it. It is not unusual to see lone wolves wandering the ice on the lake in the winter, or grizzly bears in the meadow or on the fire roads during the summer. It is real and raw, and that is what makes it so incredible. Thanks to Jocelyn of The Fox and The Fern for working with me.

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It’s official, finally… my new website! I am so happy with the facelift, it really was overdue. I wanted something bold, yet feminine, but not too feminine. I am all about simplicity, and I really wanted to convey that feeling with this new website. This whole endeavor was really a collaborative process over the course of  several months. Designer Breanna Rose of Rowan Made and developer Tom Wilz really brought this baby to life. I’m thrilled with the outcome, and couldn’t have imagined a better result. Bre created exactly what I was envisioning, but even better. She always kept me on track and stuck to a timeline almost religiously. Both she and Tom promptly answered all my questions and responded to all my emails the same day, if not within an hour. I knew from the start that I was working with a top-notch team, and that gave me great comfort to know I was in good hands. As someone who is in the professional service industry myself, this whole process was great to experience what it’s like being on the other end, as a client. It only reinforced how important it is for me to continue to provide my clients with the same care and attention that I was shown by Bre and Tom. I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do!


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